Logan WHITE, Rose Hill
Limited Edition

Language: English 
Size: 170X240mm 
Pages: 96 - Photographs: 64
Textured hardcover, silver foil letters
Swen with pink thread
Offset printing (France)
400 numbered copies
ISBN 978-2-9550334-0-1
Edited & published by MTAG
© November 2014 

ROSE HILL is also distributed in the Parisian bookshops Artazart, 0fr, LO/A Library of Arts, La Gaîté Lyrique, Galerie du jour Agnès b., No Youth Control… And in Los Angeles at Family Book Store & Stories Books and Cafe!

30 €

Logan WHITE, born in 1984 (USA) and based in Los Angeles
Rose Hill
is the first monograph by American photographer Logan WHITE. It
 is named for the cemetery in the artist’s hometown which also serves as a creative sanctuary. Featuring her longtime collaborator Mary Katherine Dunwodyshe explores the contemporary feminine subconscious in a Southern,
Neo-Victorian state.


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