Created by the Montreal-based curatorial platform Collectif Blanc
upon special invitation of More Than A Gallery
this exhibition brings together a selection of publications, in limited editions, 
of more than 25 French and international photographers and publishers
and celebrates the new narratives of the photography book.
Anteism (Canada), Archive Of Modern Conflict (UK),
Art Paper Editions (Belgium), Atopos (Greece),
Editions FP&CF (France), Nicolai Howalt (Denmark),
Kesselskramer (Netherlands), Ann-Kristin Kühl (Germany),
Mack Books (UK), Visvaldas Morkevicius (Lithuania),
MTHM (Denmark), Aaron Nieh (Taiwan), Osiris (Japan),
RVB Books (France), Shelter Press (France), Jean-Vincent Simonet (Switzerland),
Skinnerboox (Italy), Sara Skorgan Teigen (Norway),
Terrranova (Spain), The Sochi Project (Russia),
Topo Copy (Belgium), Julie van der Vaart (Netherlands), Camille Vivier (France),
Wombat (France), John Yuyi (Taiwan)